Machine learning

Machine learning

Machine learning (also known as ‘deep learning’) is used to train applications to do tasks that are traditionally performed by humans. Machine learning is the basis for artificial intelligence (AI). The great advantage of AI and machine learning is the ability to recognize and identify patterns, which means it is particularly suited to add new functionalities to industrial equipment.

Automate more with deep learning

You can automate more tasks for your clients by using machine learning and AI. For example, the sorting and packaging of products on the basis of size or color, selecting parts for assembly, or checking the quality of products. In addition to these visual applications, pattern recognition through AI can also be used to analyze other kinds of data, such as engine vibration data or electric voltage on important cables. These analyses can form the basis for fault detection, predictive maintenance and performance analysis.

TNL is happy to advise on the possibilities of machine learning for your domain.

Our customer cases

Case IIoT security

Secure data traffic between local devices, systems and users

Case Tatasteel

Asset monitoring with LoRaWAN

Case Koppert Machines

Operating fully automated packaging machines

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