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If you are planning to realize advanced electronics and embedded systems in complex devices, you need partners that you can trust blindly. We offer a unique combination of knowledge and experience as we join broad knowledge of software and thorough expertise in electronics development. In addition, our TNL engineers have a profound understanding of the underlying physics. We look forward to helping you rise to the challenge!

A unique combination of expertises

Introduction of new high tech products

Introducing a new product?

If you are facing the challenge of developing an entirely new solution and launching it on the market, chances are you will have to push against the limits of what is possible. We would like to meet you there to realize your ambition. We are your sparring partner with multidisciplinary expertise, a holistic vision and years of experience with system architecting.

Optimal agility in your development path

We can help you to maximize agility and flexibility in your development path. TNL is a knowledge leader in the field of FPGAs (programmable chips) and programmable logic. Using FPGAs allows you to give free reign to your creativity, while the results of new ideas can be easily tested in practice. We use a unique approach that involves repeatable, largely automated development and testing steps. And our work is brand-independent.

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