Data acquisition and processing

Our engineers are specialized in data acquisition and processing, as well as in operating solutions at high speed in cyber-physical systems. These are instruments and devices that interact with the real environment, like electron microscopes or lithography machines for the production of microchips.

Analog and digital

Many advanced instruments work with analog and digital data and can convert between the two forms. One example is an electron microscope with multiple electron beams. A sensor acquires data from the electron beams, which is then read out using analog/digital (mixed-signal) readout electronics. The digital data is subsequently processed further in the instrument into a manageable format, and is then forwarded by the instrument through high-speed interfaces, to be stored and processed further.

On the basis of the features and requirements of the application domain the decision has to be made whether to implement certain functions in analog or digital form. We design robust electronics with reliable data and signal integrity features for high-speed data processing and operation.

Complex systems

Carefully considered systems engineering, system integration, and an approach that takes the whole chain into account – these things are indispensable for complex systems. In developing these kinds of systems, TNL Nanotech Inc. provides the knowledge and experience that you need, including in complex projects with multiple development partners. We offer multidisciplinary support in designing the operation of moving components, as well as the technology for the acquisition, transport, conversion and processing of the data in your system.