Image and video processing
and analysis

The development of advanced imaging technologies, such as multibeam electron microscopes and electron lithography, is a complex, multidisciplinary process. Not only do machine components have to be operated at nano scale, data also has to be processed and transported at very high speed. We have wide experience in this field and have contributed actively as a technology partner to creating many innovative new imaging solutions.

Understanding the context and the chain

As a client, what you are looking for are partners who understand the complexity of the technological challenges that are involved in imaging. In addition to concrete experience with imaging technologies, TNL has extensive expertise in systems engineering to offer. Our engineers are used to viewing technological challenges in their context. They strive to understand the full process chain and to establish optimal coordination between the various development partners.

Image processing

Image processing at high speeds, as well as high-precision calculations to improve image quality are some of our specialisms.

A good example is the integration of the many images generated during a multibeam scan by an electron microscope into a single image. The separate images are seamlessly ‘stitched’ together, while noise is removed and the contrast is enhanced if necessary. This makes it easier, for example, to scan a biological sample.