Coordinative control in the Gaasperdammertunnel

Photography: Rijkswaterstaat

The Gaasperdammertunnel in the A9 highway links Holendrecht interchange with Diemen interchange. At 3 kilometers, it is the longest land based tunnel in the Netherlands. This project is part of the road extension Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere. The Gaasperdammertunnel is the first tunnel where the coordinative control of all tunnel equipment is realized through ICT technology. A small revolution in this world, which is traditionally dominated by systems that use proprietary technology.

SCADA system based on ICT technology

TNL developed the ICT technology used. We were able to demonstrate in several proofs of concept that it is possible to construct a functional chain using a combination of ICT technology, PLC systems and standard hardware. Because this solution was developed incrementally, in small steps, it was possible to carry out the first functional tests through simulation. All this even before construction of the tunnel had been completed! This was one of the reasons why tunnel control could be tested and delivered on time, and why the system has met every expectation in the fields of functionality, technology and quality.

Flexible and maintainable control technology

We chose this approach and this solution for the Gaasperdammertunnel because of the flexibility of ICT in combination with the robustness of a PLC environment. Moreover, by combining a systems engineering approach, PLCs and ICT hardware with an open programming environment, we ensured that the accuracy of the solution is demonstrable and repeatable. Our vision on the maintainability and upgradability of the ICT software guarantees long-term applicability, even if the tunnel has to be modernized after a number of years. This approach minimizes supplier dependence.

Generic building blocks for tunnel control

TNL’s permanent team and project manager were involved in the design, testing, building and delivery of tunnel control from the start. This innovative ICT solution can potentially be applied very widely. We have therefore developed a flexible SCADA platform that can be applied to both existing and newly-built tunnels.

The SCADA platform offers a convincing answer to the current demand for modular and uniform solutions for many future tunnel projects.

“Its constant hands-on attitude allowed TNL to gain a very thorough understanding of how the road authorities like to apply the LTS within tunnel trajectories. In developing this ICT platform, they have shown that their proactive attitude enables them to bring constructive proposals for solutions to the table. Solutions that really help to realize the desired end result.”

Automation of civil infrastructure

Integral approach for technical installations of civil infrastructure

Adaptive Flow Management

Safe driving in tunnels thanks to Adaptive Flow Management

Flexible SCADA platform for civil infrastructure

A flexible SCADA platform for applications in civil infrastructure

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