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TNL can help you with knowledge and experience in the field of traffic management. The best advertisement for our expertise is MobiMaestro, the most frequently used platform for traffic management in the Netherlands. We are constantly expanding this modular system with new modules and functionality. Our philosophy when it comes to traffic management is always to focus on each specific location and on each specific mode of transport, while keeping a wider perspective on the traffic network as a whole.

Focus on each location

When it comes to traffic management, every location is unique. Every intersection, every bridge and tunnel in your area has its own specific features, and your traffic management system has to take these into account. This is why TNL’s traffic management solutions give you optimal flexibility in the way you can manage each location. Our systems have an open architecture and can communicate with almost any roadside system and database. This means you can always configure an optimal solution for every location.


Focus on each mode of transportation

Every mode of transport requires a dedicated approach of its own. Traffic management is about vehicular traffic, but also about cyclists, vessels, public transport, pedestrians and all other road users. We develop solutions that explicitly take into account the various modes of transport in your area, as well as the ways in which these influence each other.

Wider perspective

The traffic in your area or city is a network, and every element in this network influences all the other elements. This is why, in addition to optimal control at each location, our solutions offer a clear overview of your entire area. This wider perspective ensures that traffic managers have clear information that allows them to determine where intervention is needed. Wherever possible, they can work with scenarios and rules that drastically simplify management of their area.

Traffic management that works

Traffic management is useful only if it is effective. When you use Technolution Move solutions, you know that you are using solutions that do what they are supposed to do. Whether it is in the field of traffic management, shipping traffic management or event management, or a fully tailor-made solution. We work with you to improve and optimize the flow of every type of traffic in your traffic area!



Traffic Management


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