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CREON ultimate 24/7 workspaces.
Photographer: Norbert van Onna.

New forms of traffic management

By using standards of traffic technology intelligently, new possibilities for optimizing traffic will arise. For example, by integrating control centers of various domains such as tunnels, bridges, road traffic and vessel traffic management. Or by connecting centers of adjacent or overlapping fields and domains of management to one another and allow for them to collaborate. It is even possible to disconnect traffic management from the traffic center altogether and offer it in the form of an ‘As A Service’ package. Together with our customers and partners, we at TNL continuously work on new forms of traffic management under a program known as Eye-Central.

Connecting domains

Road traffic and vessel traffic often come into contact. Open bridges can cause long queues and even traffic jams on the road. However, inland vessel traffic aims to limit waiting times for locks and bridges as much as possible. By bringing together the traffic information from both domains, we can better adjust the interests of all parties involved. TNL does more than just develop systems that ensure an easier flow for all domains together with parties such as Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), provinces and municipalities. For instance, the Bridge Management System contributes to the optimization of open bridges for both road and waterway. We also develop systems that allow for a smooth process and task allocation between operators within traffic centers.

Switching management areas

Traffic is one enormous network and a better flow in one management area can result in additional jams in an adjacent area. By looking at the greater picture and management as a whole, we can try to prevent this. TNL creates solutions for adjacent areas to further optimize their management tasks, thanks to integration of data streams, the implementation of smart algorithms and smart process and task management in the traffic centers.

CREON ultimate 24/7 workspaces , Picture: Norberg van Onna

Flow ‘As A Service’

Smart application of IT makes it possible for to disconnect management functions in domains from the physical traffic center. That allows, for example, for ‘Traffic management As A Service’ to come within reach. Think of arranging traffic management live at an event location. TNL creates secure and durable solutions for parties looking for more flexibility regarding the ways in which they manage traffic.

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