Paul Hoekstra on stage at Smart City Connect

Insightful keynote presentation

by Paul Hoekstra at Smart Cities Connect 2024

Discover the transformative insights from Paul Hoekstra’s keynote session at the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo ‘24. Paul delved into the core principles of our innovative solutions, explained the implementation process and showed tangible results. Like, for example, the remarkable 73% reduction in transit red-light delays in San Francisco’s 3rd Street corridor.

The Netherlands is considered one of the leading countries, if not the leading country, in serving its citizens and businesses with mobility services. Bicycles, of course, but all modes, from transit to freight, cars, and pedestrians, leverage the highly dense infrastructure very well. It took over 50 years of focused policy, knowledge, and technology development, implementation, and drive toward operational excellence.

The United States of America is not The Netherlands. But what would happen when you package up the Dutch Transportation Solution, adapt it to various US situations, and deploy it? Find out more in the keynote slides by Paul Hoekstra.

About  Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo

The 2024 Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo brings together over 200 Cities and their respective leadership to prospect and partner with innovative solutions, exploring and advancing the integration of technology and data-driven solutions to improve urban life. During the event government officials, technology companies, innovators, and experts from various fields discuss strategies, share insights, and showcase cutting-edge technologies aimed at building smarter and more sustainable cities.

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