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Rijkswaterstaat Application and Platform Services

Rijkswaterstaat Centrale Informatievoorziening (the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management’s Central Information Service) contributes to keeping the Netherlands safe, livable and accessible by providing reliable information. In order to ensure that the services provided continue to comply with the demand, Rijkswaterstaat is concentrating its activities in the field of Application and Platform Services (RAP) in three partnership contracts with market players. TNL is one of these partners. Within RAP, we are responsible, among other things, for the applications that focus on the wet infrastructure and on inland shipping in the Netherlands.

Socially relevant

RAP operates through long-term, close collaboration. The partners within RAP work together on the co-creation and development or further development of existing and new applications and platforms for Rijkswaterstaat. Rijkswaterstaat’s business requirements and its daily practice are ever more clearly guiding the BizDevOps approach that Rijkswaterstaat strives to use.

RAP is there to facilitate Rijkswaterstaat’s objective of realizing socially relevant solutions through new technology. Important features are reliability and continuity, sustainability, equilibrium and symbiosis, as well as interactivity. The motto for the partnership’s long-term collaboration is ‘RAP makes it work’.

Long-term collaboration

In the partnership with Rijkswaterstaat, TNL has already developed, or participated in the development, of a number of applications for the wet infrastructure and for inland navigation, and it is currently also managing a number of these. Examples are Fareway Information, Blauwe Golf Verbindend (Blue Wave Connects) and BICS (for electronic notifications). Within the context of RAP, we are also taking over the management and further development of a number of existing Rijkswaterstaat applications. TNL is responsible for the necessary activities, and as the primary contractor it works together in the RAP project with our regular partner TriOpSys and with an ecosystem of other partners.

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