Safe traffic management solutions

Our traffic management solutions have two main goals: on the one hand decreasing traffic congestion and optimizing the flow of traffic, and on the other keeping transport of goods and people safe and secure. This combination is at the heart of all our traffic management solutions. To make cities safer for all citizens.

As a road operator you want to create and enable solutions that make the traffic smoother and safer for everybody. You need safe spaces and roads for cyclists and pedestrians, but you also want to offer an inclusive transport system for all traffic modalities, so that everyone can travel safely within your city. But what about emergency vehicles and public transport? Or maybe even vessels, at locations where roads and waterways intersect, such as movable bridges.

When we think of traffic management, we think of all modalities. But maybe more importantly, we keep the safety of all modalities in mind when we design our solutions. Examples of such solutions are: giving priority to emergency vehicles at traffic controllers, to buses at traffic lights, providing dynamic route information for cyclists, giving extra green time for pedestrians and cyclists when it is raining, and more.


There are many ways to employ traffic management solutions to create a safe environment for all citizens. Geofencing, for instance. Geofencing targets vehicles depending on their location. It can be used in different ways to enhance safety and security. For example, it can create safe zones around school areas by limiting the speed of specific types of transport. Or it can prohibit heavy vehicles from entering sensitive areas in the event of a terrorist attack. Regardless of the application, every solution should ultimately be targeted toward creating a safe and dynamic environment for everyone.

Smart Urban Traffic Zones

The concept of Smart Urban Traffic Zones uses technology to communicate to vehicles in specific zones. Smart Urban Traffic Zones offer a great way to ensure better living conditions for citizens when it comes to safety and security, as well as a quieter and healthier environment to live and work in.

As cities are growing, more and more locations are being developed for new residential and commercial areas. This means construction sites are popping up everywhere, affecting people’s daily commute and the delivery of goods. More heavy vehicles are moving through neighborhoods and on the road to work. Citizen safety becomes a real concern!

To maintain safety around construction sites and increase safety in urban zones in general, our MobiMaestro platform plays a vital role as the connecting element between different vendors and technologies. But more importantly, our knowledge and experience of data management and of minimizing data latency for safety solutions is an integral part of the design.

Bottom line: Smart Urban Traffic Zones are only smart if they are safe! We have done multiple pilot projects in Smart Urban Zones. Read more about the different pilots.


Secure and safe solutions for traffic management

Hacking attempts happen every day. Especially now that cities are working with countless interconnected software, hardware and cloud systems. They receive traffic information from a lot of different points and many of these data streams are connected to each other. When solutions become more digitized, the vulnerability to security failures increases. A cyberattack could overload your system and bring it down. Even worse, an intruder might take control of the system. You need a solution that is protected against such vulnerabilities. Our solutions are not only innovative, functional and reliable, they are also extremely secure. When we design new solutions for you, we always pay special attention to security and safety.

Creating secure networks with partners

There are many ways to employ traffic management solutions Within any advanced traffic management ecosystem there is a chain of applications from different companies that work together, sending data and information back and forth. For example, a traffic signal controller sends information, but so do navigation systems and road users. A traffic management system allows you to bring information streams together to handle the traffic flow, for instance using scenarios. If an instrument such as a signal controller has been hacked, you want to know immediately, so your scenarios and your traffic management aren’t at risk. A controller must never be a way to gain entry to your control system. Everything has to be secure.

Every actor in the C-ITS ecosystem needs to have the responsibility to be a reliable C-ITS partner. In addition, there is a shared responsibility in the intermediary domain (see the figure below). Partners in the C-ITS ecosystem bear a joint responsibility to secure the data chain as a whole intrinsically.

When looking at possible solutions, the first thing to consider is setting up secure connections between the ICT networks of the organizations within the traffic management data chain. An additional measure would be to minimize the number of connections between the computer systems from outside with computer systems within the road administration domain.

Distance between different levels

In every working field there is information that you would rather keep classified. Within the context of traffic management it could be traffic camera footage, or information on traffic control. As mentioned, every company within the traffic management chain should take responsibility to minimize the vulnerabilities of digital solutions and the related data networks. At TNL we do this by differentiating levels of security and creating secure separations between networks of different security levels, for example for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. We offer advanced, certified solutions for line encryption to achieve this.

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